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A unique fruit with a rich history, nashi once adorned the
banquet tables of ancient Japanese Emperors. In Australia
they have been produced commercially over 25 years.

The main variety, Nijisseiki, is readily available from March
to November.

Enjoyed by the whole family, they are source of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Folate.

Versatile, nashi can be eaten fresh or added to salads, cheese platters, meat dishes, juiced or made into a tasty fruity chutney.
Preserve it
Nashi are ideal for peeling, coring and preserving, or made into jam or chutney.

Dice it
Cheese and nashi make excellent partners. Experiment with blue cheese, brie and hard cheddar cheeses

Substitute it
Use nashi instead of apples in your next Waldorf salad – they add a crisp texture and don’t turn brown

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Nashi are ripe when they are a light yellowy-
green in appearance. When nashi are over ripe they turn a richer yellow

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Nashi Pears '…use them in everything from easy entrees to mouth-watering desserts’ My Home. Four pages of Nashi recipes and images