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28 March 2006

Nashi – Delight in this Season’s Luscious Fruit
Australian Nashi Growers Association

The Australian nashi season is in full swing with an abundance of juicy, crisp, refreshing fruit available
from supermarkets, markets and green grocers March until November.

Their amazingly versatile, but chameleon-like unique qualities have been showcased through an array
of newly developed recipes produced by the Australian Nashi Growers.

Complementing other flavours rather than competing with them, nashi form the basis of a wide variety
of dishes – fresh and cooked, savoury and sweet.

Surprise the family with Roast Loin of Pork with Nashi Stuffing, Sticky Nashi Pudding, Warm Atlantic
Trout Salad with Asian Flavours, Nashi Chutney, or a refreshing Nashi, Lime and Mint Cooler.

The Australian fruit is available from March to October and is at its best when it’s a smooth green-yellow
colour. Delicate yet sweet in flavour, nashi make a welcome alternative or addition to apples or pears as
they do not brown when cut and maintain their shape when cooked.

Loved by the whole family, nashi are a good source of antioxidants and Vitamin C and are also a source
of Folate.

Quick and easy ways to enjoy nashi include:

Drink it: Nashi Champagne Cocktail – add nashi puree or slices to a flute and fill with champagne

Substitute it: Use nashi instead of apples in your next Waldorf salad – they add a crisp texture
and don’t turn brown.

Juice it: Try the mouth-watering juice combination of nashi, ginger and your favourite berry or nashi
and passionfruit.

Freeze it: Frozen nashi juice iceblocks make a healthy and refreshing treat for children

Dice it: Cheese and nashi make excellent partners. Experiment with blue cheese, brie and hard
cheddar cheeses

Box it: Spark up the kids’ school lunchboxes by adding a refreshing, tasty nashi to each one.

Cook it: Nashi hold their shape well when cooked - add to a fruit flan or use nashi instead of apples
in a crumble.
Enjoy it: Nashi is fantastic just ‘au natural’.

Nashi can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. Nashi are often sold in protective styrene
socks as the skin blemishes very easily.

For interviews, photographs, recipes or copies of the Nashi recipe brochure please contact
JMM Communications (03) 9696 5060