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March 2008

To mark the beginning of the Australian Nashi season in March the Australian Nashi Growers Association (ANGA) have designed and developed an exciting new range of delicious recipes using juicy, crunchy and sweet Nashi. 


With its unique characteristics, Nashi can be eaten fresh or cooked, accompanied by savoury or sweet and can be substituted in many apple and/or pear recipes. Importantly, when stewed, baked or pan-fried, Nashi hold their shape so they are ideal for cooking.    

The newly developed recipes produced by ANGA will excite the whole family.  For a quick and easy healthy starter, there’s Asian Salad with Nashi and Chinese Char Siu Pork.   The Pizza with Nashi, Prosciutto, Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion is a taste sensation.  There are two mouth-watering desserts – Nashi Almond Tart assembled and cooked within minutes, and the sublime Nashi Pannacotta!  See recipes attached.

Australian Nashi are available from supermarkets, markets and greengrocers from March through to November. They have many healthy benefits, are naturally low in fat, a good source of soluble fibre and a source of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Folate. Nashi being extremely juicy satisfy thirst and hunger.

They can be added to school lunch-boxes and eaten as a snack anytime, or added to meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Nashi are versatile.  They can be grated and added to muesli for breakfast, added to salads to provide a crunchy crisp texture, or, preserved, they can be eaten with ice-cream for dessert.  

Nashi is seen as a unique Asian delicacy and was introduced to Australia by Chinese gold miners. Distantly related to the European fruit varieties, it is bursting with juice and has a crisp translucent flesh making it a great addition to the family fruit bowl. 

For more information about Nashi visit: www.nashiaustralia.com.au

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